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Stem cell therapy could help accelerate healing after traumatic brain injury.
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24 June 2019

Stem Cell Therapy Could Help Accelerate Healing after Traumatic Brain Injury

Few things come close to the shock and trauma a family experiences when a loved one is diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Injuries to the brain can have devastating consequences and often the prognosis for a full recovery is dim. The description traumatic brain injury encompasses several forms of brain injury including stroke (cerebro-vascular accident), physical trauma to the brain (e.g. as a result of a fall, car or bike accident) and damage as a result of a lack of oxygen to the brain (such as near-drowning or birth trauma).

After the acute phase of such an injury, there is a period of long-term healing during which symptoms such as swelling and restoration of the blood supply to the damaged brain tissue needs to be promoted. The strong anti-inflammatory and potential regenerative properties of stem cells harvested during a stem cell therapy procedure can be put to work to accelerate the healing of the brain after the initial acute phase of a traumatic brain injury has passed.

Stem cells are harvested from the layer of tissue just under the patient's skin (mesenchymal stem cells), processed and re-infused into the patient via an intravenous drip during a simple aseptic procedure that does not require any general anaesthesia and is performed in approximately 2 hours, with the patient being discharged back home or back to their original hospital the same day. Stem cell therapy can effectively promote healing in damaged tissues, shortening the recovery period and allowing a patient and their loved ones to get back to their regular activities of daily life as quickly as possible.

If you have a loved one who has suffered a traumatic brain injury and want to know more about whether stem cell therapy may assist them in their road to recovery, contact us today for a comprehensive consultation with our doctor.

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