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People are not plants - Plant stem cell therapy not necessarily good for a person
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19 July 2019

People are not plants!

Stem cell therapy is becoming a buzz word in many industries, including skincare & medicine. But don't be deceived; what's good for an apple or a melon is not necessarily good for a person!

Plant stem cells contain many good nutrients that can assist the body's healing processes, but the cost vs benefit ratio is severely skewed. Plant DNA is totally different from human DNA and cannot be used to form or repair any human tissue; it is only the nutrients in the plant stem cells that are helpful to humans, and then only to a certain degree. For example, Vitamin B has been proven to refresh tired brain cells but cannot help form any new brain cells.

Human stem cells on the other hand are used not only for the amazing growth factors they contain but also because they can differentiate into any other cell line in the body. Our stem cells are the building blocks of our bodies and can form or repair any tissue; including brain, lung, heart, skin, bone, etc. These stem cells are not available over-the-counter in a pill or capsule form, only to be passed through the body's digestive system and the majority of the product excreted. During a relatively short and painless procedure, stem cells are harvested from the layer of tissue just underneath the skin, processed and re-infused into the body (usually intravenously) so that they can migrate to the area of the body where they are most needed.

In summary: plants are good for many things, but not for harvesting the healing properties of stem cells!

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